Book Marketing Leads: free template to track them (#IWSG Blog Hop)

Nano Blog and Social Media Hop2

Everyday, on and off the Internet, we are constantly happening upon book marketing leads, but if we don’t keep them organized, we’re missing an opportunity. Leading up to your book launch, don’t let all the marketing leads you come across go to waste. An acquaintance at a party volunteers to review your novel, you read a book jacket containing an annual award in your genre, you meet an employee at the local bookstore where you just have to host your launch party, someone recommends a Twitter promotion service that actually works. But you could be a year or more out from publishing, and no one can be expected to juggle all that around between their eyes forever. This in mind, I’ve put together an easy-to-use, downloadable tracking spreadsheet, with tabs for Book Reviewers, Book Bloggers, Launch Party Attendees, Street Team, Newspaper/Magazine Reviews, Paid and Unpaid Promotion Opportunities, Contests, and Awards. Feel free to personalize the template to your liking, and if you think I’ve missed something, shout at me in the comments. The spreadsheet is free, but if you’re giving them away, I accept Facebook page likes please and thank you here.

I compiled this post for the monthly Insecure Writers Support Group blog hop. To continue hopping through more amazing blogs or to join the hop, click here.

Thanks to Freepik for supplying the graphics for the image.

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