For Writers on Marketing

Below are quick links to my blog posts for authors on marketing:

Announcing new monthly blog hop for authors: The #AuthorToolboxBlogHop is a monthly blog hop on the theme of resources/learning for authors: posts related to the craft of writing, editing, querying, marketing, publishing, blogging tips for authors, reviews of author-related products, anything that an author would find helpful. Continue reading here.

2017 list of Twitter chats for writers: Here’s my list of 20 active Twitter chats. Search the list for which ones you might be interested in checking out, add a reminder to your calendar, and join in the discussions. Continue reading here.

Book Marketing Leads: free template to track them: Everyday, on and off the Internet, we are constantly happening upon book marketing leads, but if we don’t keep them organized, we’re missing an opportunity. Click here for the free tracking spreadsheet.

Never too early to start building your author platform: Whether you aspire to self publish or traditionally publish, make no mistake, you will be responsible for the lion share of the marketing efforts to sell your books. Click here for the guest post I wrote on author Tony Riches’ blog.

Literary Agent Elizabeth Copps offers advice on what comes after NaNoWriMo: Elizabeth Copps offers advice on when manuscripts are ready for agent eyes, industry standards for novel length and how to make sure your query letter is up to snuff. Continue reading here.